Norfolk Island Pine & Hello 2016


Hello 2016. I’ve been gone way too long. I find that I cannot commit to something if I am not good at. I’m horrible at writing and my grammar sucks. So, I hope my photographs will make up for it. 😛

I fell inlove with these Norfolk Island Pines. Thanks to instagram. I bought myself two Norfolk Island Pines from Bachman’s. One is a baby, perfect for my office/desk. The other pine is perfect for the living room. My goal is to keep them alive for Christmas 2016. I do not have a green thumb, so this will be a challenge. I’ve already got my ornaments all picked out, too. Hahaha… Yes, I’m all set for Christmas 2016. 🙂

Baby Norfolk Island Pine for the office:nip4 nip3 nip2 nip1

The bigger Norfolk Island Pine for the living room:
nip7 nip6 nip5

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