Bougainvillea, my favorite flower


Two weeks ago, I made the decision to buy my favorite flower, Bougainvillea. I don’t know what it is that made me so drawn into Bougainvillea. Is it the overall presentation? The way how it can climb up windows and walls? The way how it can caresses anything and make it so beautifully? I think its all of the above. 🙂

Bougainvillea is an outdoor plant and they love warm weather. As you all know, Minnesota’s weather is cray cray! LOL. I thought that maybe my sun room will somehow magically help this plan survive… but it didn’t last long 🙁 Maybe I didn’t cater to it enough? I’m hoping to somehow retrieve my Bougainvillea plant back to live. I miss its green leaves and pretty hot pink colors.


xoxo, Mil